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History-One Heart Way

The "Kenpo Gokui"(Secrets of the Fist Way), taken from the Bubishi's "8 Poems of the Fist". Shimabuku Sensei reportedly received his Kenpo Gokui from his Goju-Ryu teacher, Miyagi Chojun. This document was very important in the developement of Isshinryu. Shimabuku Tatsuo would give copies to his early students.

1. A person's heart if the same as heaven and earth. Dragon (heaven) overhead and tiger (earth) in the headress.
2. The blood circulating is similar to the sun and moon. The dragon which leaves the water and flies overhead to return to the sea. The never-ending cycle.
3. The manner drinking (inhaling) and spitting (exhaling is either hard or soft. Open hand and fist of the Megami.
4. A person's unbalance is the same as a weight. There is a balance of the yin and yang in the symbol.
5. The body should be able to change directions at any time. The dragon flying overhead is Tatsuo who looked at change in a positive light.
6. The time to strike is when the opportunity presents itself. This again is represented by the opened and closed fist, to strike only as a last resort.
7. The eyes must see all sides. Represented by the stars or teachers who light or guide the way.
8. The ears must listen in all directions. Megami is alert and listens. Listening is knowledge.

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