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Learn from this Okinawan trained master,
the brutal and deadly secrets taught to him by his legendary instructor

These DVD's condense a lifetime of A.J.'s training (over 55+ years in martial arts) into a 5 tape series explaining and showing everything from a basic stance to the most advanced empty hand katas.

Now you can completely transform your training and teaching to a new level. Get into the best shape of your life and do so in less time than ever before. With AJ Advincula's step by step kata training and instruction program you'll be assured that you are performing the "true essence" of all the techniques - not the watered-down diluted B.S. moves we've all been sold and told were the real thing.

• Become more focused with laser like concentration when training.

• See your confidence sky rocket as your techniques get better and better.

• Train your muscles to obey your every command - at will

• Increase flexibility and double your strength.

• Feel your energy levels go through the roof.

• Develop the quickness of a speeding bullet

A brief description of the DVD's:

- basics of blocking, punching, kicking and work out.
Seisan kata - showing goju ryu, shorin ryu and Isshinryu. Taught and thoroughly explained-dynamic fighting bunkai great for demos.
Seuinchin and naihanchi - showing goju ryu, shorin ryu and Isshinryu, taught and thoroughly explained-dynamic fighting bunkai great for demos.
Wansu and chinto - showing goju ryu shorin ryu and Isshinryu, taught and thoroughly explained-dynamic fighting bunkai great for demos.
Kusanku, sunusu, sanchin - showing goju ryu, shorin ryu, Isshinryu, dynamic fighting bunkai.

Whether you are a kyu rank or a black belt everyone benefits from these tapes enormously, beginner and advanced. Regardless of style or system, if you kick, block and punch, you do need these tapes to launch yourself to a higher level.

A.J. Advincula DVD Set - $197
Yes, put me down for the FULL A.J. Advincula DVD Set.
The total amount for this is $197 (plus $10 shipping and handling), a savings of over $40.

Megami Patch - $11.99
Approved by Tatsuo Shimabuku as designed by AJ Advincula.

Offical Isshinryu Megami T-shirt - $24.99

Offical Escrima T-shirt - $24.99

Offical Hindiandi T-shirt - $24.99

Megami Paintings - $34.99

Suitable for framing.

Unframed Pictures of Entire Lineage - $149.99 $97 Special
• Motubu Choki

• Kyan Chotoku

• Tatsuo Shimabuku

• Myagi Chojun

• Shinken Tira

• Advincula Arcenio

How To Order

Order by Phone:
Call Mike Storm's Karate at (985) 674-7887, to place your order today.

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